Private Label Bath Bombs: How it Works

Private label bath bombs

Private labeling bath bombs is a fabulous way to offer more to your customers, while saving yourself the headache of developing products yourself. Private label bath bombs give your brand the opportunity to create fully customized products that represent your brand and resonate with your customers. And given the rising popularity of ultra-fizzy bath bombs – private labeling bath bombs is an excellent way to cater to your customers.

While Private Label customers are always welcome to place their wholesale orders directly from our private labeling website – if you want something a bit more involved, our team is ready to work with you.

From colors, scents, shapes, to ingredients and packaging, our Private Labeling team will work with you every step of the way to create customized bath bombs that reflect your brand, and make a splash in your customer’s bath. Want a closer look at how Private Labeling Bath Bombs works? Here’s a handy guide.

STEP 1. We Get to Know You

The first step in any private labeling partnership is getting to know your client – and the steps are no different when private labeling bath bombs. During this initial phone call or meeting, our private labeling team will get to know your company’s wants and goals for your private label bath bombs. How large of a quantity are you looking to produce? Who is the bath bomb being sold to? Are there any specific fragrance oils you’d like us to use in crafting your bath bombs? Do you want us to create custom belly bands for your bath bombs? Do you have your own packaging and would like us to package your bath bombs for you?

We’ll cover all of these questions and more before starting production on your private label bath bombs. When it comes to custom ingredients or fragrances, we do charge a $100 R&D fee per SKU. This research and development fee allows our product development team to create your private label bath bombs to your brand’s unique specifications.

STEP 2. We Send You a Sample

Depending on the details hashed out during our first meeting, our Private Labeling team will immediately set forth to create samples of your future private label bath bombs, made to your brand’s specifications. During this phase of the private label process, we’ll work together in order to ensure all of your company’s needs are met before we start producing your complete order of bath bombs. This is also the phase where you would send us whatever packaging you’d like for your bath bombs (if we are packing out your products), or where you’d send us the copy, names, and logos to be included on the bath bomb’s belly bands (if we are producing custom belly bands for you).

Once samples have been seen and approved by your brand, we will begin the full scale production on your private label bath bomb order. It’s as simple as that!

Any questions? Consult our Private Labeling FAQ below.

What sizes are available?

We can produce 3.25 oz., 5 oz., and 7.5 oz. bath bombs. If you have specific size requirements, we can create custom sizes upon request.

What is the MOQ for custom bath bombs? (Minimum Order Quantity)

For custom bath bombs our MOQ is 1200 units. 

What is the MOQ for belly bands?

For belly bands we have an MOQ of 250 units (You can mix and match up to 5 skus at 50 units per sku).

Can I mix and match a box of 25?

No we do not allow mixing and matching within a box of 25 units.

How long does it take to complete a private labeling order?

Smaller orders can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to be completed, while larger orders can take 4-8 weeks.

Can you make all natural bath bombs?

Yes we can! Using our essential oil infused bath bomb formula we are able to make natural bath bombs your clients can feel good about using. Simply inquire about natural bath bombs and our private labeling team will handle the rest.

Can you create custom packaging?

No. We can shrink wrap all bath bombs upon request and create custom belly bands for your bath bombs, but we do not manufacture custom packaging beyond those means. If you have your own packaging already designed and produced, we’d be more than happy to package your finished bath bombs for you.

Do prices include free shipping?

Yes, we’re dedicated to making the private labeling experience as convenient for you as possible.

Can you use custom ingredients?

Yes. If there are particular ingredients or fragrance oils you’d like to be used in the production of your private label bath bombs, we can include them in our recipes for a R&D (research and development) fee of $100.00 per SKU.


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