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About Made Natural

Made Natural began with a simple goal: to turn everyday baths into extraordinary moments of self-care. Founded by Lisa Turner, our story is one of passion and purpose, driven by the desire to promote well-being through finely crafted bath essentials.

Inspired by her personal quest for relaxation and tranquility, Lisa embarked on a journey of research and creativity. What emerged was an exquisite collection of bath products, each meticulously handmade in the USA with nature's finest ingredients.

From those humble beginnings, Made Natural has grown into the largest manufacturer of bath bombs in the USA. We've become a beacon of authenticity and a symbol of the art of self-pampering as our products grace shelves and spa sanctuaries.

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  • Wide Range

    Elevate your product selection with our diverse range of bath bombs, shower steamers, bubble bars, handmade soaps, and Epsom salts.

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  • Private Labeling

    Customize products with your branding to enhance your store's identity.

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  • Customizable Shape, Color & Size

    Thinking of a funny shape, your favorite colour or an extra large special product, everything you have in mind is doable.

  • Wholesale Orders

    Enjoy competitive pricing and flexible order quantities to suit your needs.

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Discover Made Natural

Tailored for You

You're not just a retailer; you're a curator of experiences. Made Natural's handcrafted wholesale bath products are designed for professionals who value authenticity, quality, and the art of self-pampering. If you're passionate about providing your customers with indulgent, wellness-focused offerings, Made Natural is your perfect partner.

  • Is Made Natural Right for You?

    ✓ Retail Professionals: Those who understand the power of self-care in today's world.
    ✓ Online Shops: Craft a captivating online shopping experience with Made Natural.
    ✓ Brick & Mortar Retailers: Elevate your in-store offerings with our luxury bath products.
    ✓ Spas and Hotels:
    Transform your establishment into a sanctuary of relaxation.
    ✓ Mass Market Retailers: For those who seek quality amid the market's hustle.

  • Made Natural May Not Be for You If:

    ✗ Mass Discounters: Our focus is on quality, not mass-market discounts.
    ✗ Price-Only Approach:
    If discounts drive your strategy, our luxury may not align.
    ✗ Lowering Standards: We're about elevating, not compromising, customer experience.

  • In 3 Months

    A touch of luxury enhances your brand. Customers are curious, sales are rising, and your business stands out.

  • In 6 Months

    The allure grows. Repeat customers seek your curated experience, driving foot traffic and online orders.

  • In 12 Months

    A reputation solidified. Made Natural defines your brand. Growth is undeniable, profitability soars.

You could remain unchanged, or decide to stand out. The journey of progress awaits. Make Made Natural part of your success story.


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