Private Label Bath Bombs: How it Works

Private labeling bath bombs is a fabulous way to offer more to your customers, while saving yourself the headache of developing products yourself. Private label bath bombs give your brand the opportunity to create fully customized products that represent your brand and resonate with your customers. And given the rising popularity of ultra-fizzy bath bombs – private labeling bath bombs is an excellent way to cater to your customers.

From colors, scents, shapes, to ingredients and packaging, our Private Labeling team will work with you every step of the way to create customized bath bombs that reflect your brand, and make a splash in your customer’s bath. We are already excited for our future partnership, send us an email at with your inquiry and we will get back to you shortly!  

We Get to Know You

The first step in any private labeling partnership is getting to know your client – and the steps are no different when private labeling bath bombs. During this initial phone call or meeting, our private labeling team will get to know your company’s wants and goals for your private label bath bombs. Customer have the ability to choose between custom formula or use Made Natural’s formula. 

** R&D fee may apply depending on the complexity of the formula**