CBD-Infused Luxury for Your Customers

At Made Natural, we've combined the therapeutic benefits of CBD with our exquisite bath products, offering your customers a unique and indulgent self-care experience.

Unlock New Opportunities

Discover how incorporating CBD-infused bath products into your inventory can revolutionize your business, attract a broader customer base, and set your brand apart.

  • Attract New Customers:
    CBD is a rising star in the wellness industry, drawing the attention of consumers seeking natural and holistic solutions. By offering CBD-infused bath products, you tap into this growing market, attracting customers who value the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

    Differentiate Your Brand:
    In a competitive market, setting your brand apart is essential. CBD-infused bath products give you a unique selling proposition, making your brand memorable.

    Expand Your Market Reach:
    CBD appeals to a diverse demographic, including those seeking relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction. This expansion of your target market can lead to increased foot traffic, both online and in-store.

  • Boost Sales and Revenue:
    CBD-infused products often command premium prices due to their perceived value. This translates into higher profit margins for your business. Additionally, the popularity of CBD can lead to increased sales and revenue as more customers seek out these products.

    Enhance Customer Loyalty:
    Offering CBD-infused bath products can foster stronger customer relationships. Customers who appreciate the benefits of CBD may become loyal supporters of your brand, returning for more of your unique offerings.

    Enhance Brand Reputation:
    Offering high-quality CBD-infused bath products enhances your brand's reputation as a provider of premium and innovative self-care solutions.

  • Step 1 - Choose Products:

    Start with Premium Selections:
    Begin by handpicking from our exquisite range of bath products. From bath bombs to shower steamers, curate your collection with the finest.

  • Step 2 - Customization:

    Tailor Every Detail:
    Make it uniquely yours. Choose fragrances that evoke your brand's essence, select colors that resonate, and design packaging that tells your story.

  • Step 3 - Branding:

    Stamp Your Identity:
    Imprint your brand with every product. Add your logo, labels, and unique design elements to create an unforgettable impression.

  • Step 4 - Order Quantity:

    Volume That Suits You:
    Choose the order quantity that aligns with your business goals. We offer flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Ready to Begin?

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Answers to Your Questions

What are CBD-infused bath products, and how do they work?

CBD-infused bath products are bath essentials, such as bath bombs, soaps, shower steamers, and salts, infused with cannabidiol (CBD). CBD interacts with the skin's endocannabinoid system, potentially offering benefits like relaxation, stress relief, and skin nourishment when absorbed through the skin during your bath.

Are your CBD-infused bath products legal?

Yes, our CBD-infused bath products are sourced from industrial hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC, complying with federal regulations. They are legal in most states, but it's essential to check your local regulations before purchasing.

Can I provide my CBD oil for customization?

Absolutely. We offer the flexibility for you to provide your own CBD oil, ensuring that the final product aligns with your brand's preferred CBD source.

What is the minimum order quantity for CBD-infused bath products?

We understand that different businesses have varying needs. We offer flexible minimum order quantities, allowing you to start small and scale up as your demand grows.

How do I place a wholesale order for CBD-infused bath products?

Placing a wholesale order is easy. Simply reach out to our dedicated team, and we'll guide you through the ordering process, including customization options and pricing details.

Can I mix and match different CBD-infused bath products in my wholesale order?

Absolutely. You can mix and match products from our range, allowing you to curate a product line that suits your brand and target audience.