1. Are the bath bombs safe?

Yes! Our bath bombs are absolutely safe for daily use for kids and adults of all ages! We thoughtfully handcraft our bath bombs with only the finest, safest ingredients and use all natural, organic oils to ensure that your skin is always left feeling nourished and soft after each use. 

2. Will they stain my bathtub?

No. Because our bath bombs are made without the use of harsh dyes or colorants, they do not leave stains or residue behind on normal bathtub surfaces. Enjoy your bath bomb, and simply let the water drain when you are finished. Any color left behind will instantly wash away when the shower is in use. 

3. Will they stain my skin and nails?

No. Our bath bombs are made with only the best, FDA-approved, skin-loving ingredients - and no harsh dyes or colorants. Because they are gentle on the skin, our bath bombs won't leave any unsightly stains on the skin or nails. In fact, your skin will be left feeling soft, supple, and moisturized after using one of our bath bombs! 

4. Where are they made?

All of our bath bombs, bubble scoops/cakes, shower steamers, and soaps are handmade with pride in the U.S.A. (Pennsylvania). 

5. How long do they fizz for?

Our average 5 oz. bath bomb will fizz for about 1-3 minutes depending on the temperature of the water. Simply fill your bathtub with water to your desired depth, place your bath bomb in the water and watch it fizz, foam, and create breathtaking colors in the tub! 

6. How many uses does one bath bomb yield?

Each of our bath bombs is designed for one-time use. Once dropped in the tub, our bath bombs will completely dissolve after they have finished fizzing and creating fun, colorful effects in your bath. 

7. When do I put the bath bomb in my bath?

You can place your bath bomb in the bath water after it has filled to your personal desired depth and temperature.

8. How frequently can I use bath bombs?

You are welcome to enjoy our bath bombs as frequently as you’d like! Because our bath bombs are made with gentle, moisturizing ingredients your skin will love, the more often you use them in the bath, the more you will notice their skin nourishing benefits. 

9. Are the bath bombs safe for colored hair?

Yes, all of the ingredients used to create our bath bombs are safe for all hair types. The colors in our bath bombs will not alter the color of your hair, or fade dyed hair. 

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