How to Pick the Best Bath Bombs for your Bathing Experience

How to Pick the Best Bath Bombs for your Bathing Experience

Today, we are going to help you identify the best bath bombs available. Given the rise of the bath bomb craze in the past few years, the act of bathing has never been the same. Drop one of these colorful pods into your bath and watch as still water fizzes and foams its way into a colorful work of art.

Since their inception, it seems like everyone we know wants to turn bath time into an experience instead of a chore, and with so many bath bombs on the market these days, picking the perfect one to add to your bath time ritual can be a little overwhelming.

As you could probably imagine, bath bombs come in an endless variety of scents and shades offering a slew of colorful, palate pleasing possibilities to your bath.

When it comes to price, they range from economic to exorbitant making it even harder to tell what really makes certain bath bombs worth your money, and which are doomed to disappoint.

Since there’s no “try-before-you-buy” option when it comes to bath bomb shopping, we’ve named some key identifiers you’ll want to look out for while shopping for the best bath bombs.

Good Bath Bombs Don’t Stain Your Bathtub

good bath bombs don't stain bathtub

While some bath bombs may look beautiful on the shelf in stores, there’s no telling what exactly they’ll do once in the bath. Even still, bath bombs that make art of your bath water may potentially wreak havoc on your tub, staining the enamel or leaving an unsightly textural film behind.

Harsh, low quality dyes or colorants stain the enamel of your bathtub and are indicative of the company’s lack of foresight when testing formulas.

When browsing for bath bombs, be sure to ask if the formula has been thoroughly researched and tested against tub enamel before you buy, because the best bath bombs don’t leave any residue or film behind after use.

The Best Bath Bombs are Hand Molded with Care in the U.S.A

bath bombs handmade in USA

You may be wondering why it’s so important that your bath bomb be made by hand.

The answer is simple – machine made bath bombs, while formulaic in design, are prone to errors in production which makes for a less than magical bath time experience.

Bath bombs made by hand are not only imbued with a personal touch and packed with care, but they offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

No handmade bath bomb is 100% the same, but every handmade bath bomb is made with care.

The best (and safest) bath bombs to use are the ones manufactured in the U.S.A. We often overlook it as consumers, but when companies outsource production, they’re able to dodge certain rules and regulations that may limit their ingredient choices if produced in the U.S.

In other words, when companies make products overseas, they are more likely to skimp out on higher quality ingredients. Not to mention that it’s harder for companies to exercise true quality control when their products are being produced elsewhere.

Meaning that when bath bombs are produced outside of the U.S, the quality as a whole is more likely to suffer and ultimately give you a less than stellar experience. So when it comes to shopping for the best bath bombs, make sure the fine print says “made in the U.S.A.”

If you are looking for wholesale bath bombs that fits this criteria, you should contact us.

They’re Packed with Nourishing Ingredients

Nourishing bath

While rainbow bath water is fun, the best bath bombs are packed with nourishing and skin-loving ingredients to ensure you exit the bath softer and smoother than when you got in.

When shopping, make sure you opt for bath bombs without known irritants or toxins such as phthalates, or formaldehyde. The best bath bombs are made up of soothing ingredients and thus are safe for sensitive skin types.

Ingredients like jojoba, coconut, castor seed and argan oils are packed with skincare benefits like the healthy hydration they provide skin.

Epsom salts alleviate muscle aches and pains, while ridding the body of toxins and thoroughly cleansing the skin and pores.

Finding recognizable ingredients like these in your bath bombs helps ensure that you’re getting more out of your bath than just an Instagram-able tub.

Great Bath Bombs Have Unique Scents that Last

Multiple lasting Aroma

Half of the fun of shopping for bath bombs is perusing through the library of scents on offer.

The scent your bath bomb gives off is integral to the bathing ritual and carries the bulk of the responsibility when it comes to making you feel relaxed and at ease during the entire experience.

While you may enjoy the way a bath bomb smells on the shelf, the fragrance could change or weaken once it’s submerged in the bath. Bath bomb scents should carry unique blends of high quality fragrance notes that persist even when submerged in the water.

Even more important, you should be able to smell the bath bomb’s fragrance on your skin long after you’ve exited the tub.

They’re Colorful

Best Bath Bombs color

Arguably everyone’s favorite part about bath bombs, the swirls of foam and color they create are crucial to the overall experience.

Put simply, the best bath bombs are the ones that are able to meet all of the aforementioned requirements while still filling your tub with fun and playful colors.

The colors should be rich and pigmented and made from high quality/non irritating pigments and dyes in order to ensure that neither your skin or tub are stained in the process (yikes!).

All in all, the very best bath bombs are the ones that: don’t leave an icky residue or stain behind, are hand made with care in the U.S, packed with nourishing ingredients, and bring unique scents and wild colors to your bath.

With these helpful tips in mind, there is no doubt you will be able to navigate the rapidly growing selection of bath bombs on offer with much success.

Bath time should be anything but stressful, after all – so don’t let the market overwhelm you.

The utmost quality at every level of your chosen bath bomb – fragrance, colors, ingredients, and manufacturing, are sure to make your bath time ritual a complete and utter success.

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